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10,000 flavor matches that will transform the way you eat. Foodpairing is not the familiar matching of wine to food. It is pairing aromatic molecules in food ingredients to create the most delicious and exciting results possible. The enjoyment of food is determined 80 percent by aroma and 20 percent by actual taste. Based on the molecular matches in two foods it can be determined that they will taste delicious eaten together, no matter how unconventional. The concept of foodpairing was invented by the great chef Heston Blumenthal from the 3 Michelin-starred restaurant, The Fat Duck. Other culinary colleagues developed the concept further and then incorporated it into a foodpairing database for use by the food and beverage industry. Thanks to the startlingly tasty results discovered with foodpairing, it is catching on quickly. Headlines like "The Science That Could Make You Crave Broccoli More Than Chocolate" (Newsweek) have piqued the curiosity of food lovers and home cooks everywhere. Thousands of chefs around the world already use it when they design their menus. Opening with information on how to use the book, The Art and Science of Foodpairing contains: Foodpairing: What it is, how it works, methodology; the database; how to create a well-balanced recipe The omnivore's dilemma: The search for variety and novelty; learned food association; acquired tastes. Aroma: The importance of aroma to our flavor experience; how aromas are changed by cooking Smell: How people smell and perceive aromas; why smell is essential to the eating experience. The Foodpairing directory: 10 pairings per food, 1000 ingredients, 10,000 combinations in total. The book also covers key food characteristics, aroma profiles, classic dishes, contemporary combinations, scientific explanations, special features and contributions from some of the world's greatest chefs for the top 150 ingredients, and much more. With ten times more pairings than any other book on flavor, this will become THE go-to reference for flavor and an instant classic for anyone interested in how to eat well. The Art and Science of Foodpairing is destined to become the essential reference to creating delicious, exciting and perfectly balanced meals. Major promotion to enthusiasts and professionals in the food preparation industry and media. The Science behind Foodpairing: Foodpairing is an exciting new method of identifying which foods go well together based on groundbreaking scientific research that combines neurogastronomy (how the brain perceives flavor) with the analysis of aroma profiles derived from the chemical components of food. Using an enormous database, The Art and Science of Foodpairing provides 10,000 flavor matches laid out in taste wheels and color keys. When cooks go to one ingredient, e.g. beets, they will find 10 food pairings and a color wheel revealing the taste results. For example, boiled beets will taste less like the earth they grew in and more like cheese if they are paired with coffee. Many pairings are ones we enjoy already, such as strawberries and chocolate, but the book opens the door to a wider world of unknown deliciousness, like broccoli and chocolate (what child won't go for that?). It can transform our food choices with outcomes that include good health.

The Art and Science of Foodpairing

SKU: 9780228100843
  • Author

    Coucquyt, Peter
  • Publication Date

    2020-10-14 00:00:00
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