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The Thinking Spot Loyalty Program


Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is the Loyalty Program?

    • The Loyalty program aims to reward our ardent supporters and repeat customers.  We think that when you support The Thinking Spot by prioritizing us for your book and other STEM purchases, you should be rewarded! Once you sign up, every $1 you spend earns you stars*. Collect stars to earn rewards. Simple! Easy! ​

  2. Who can participate?

    • If you are a current customer of The Thinking Spot, you can participate. ​

  3. What do I have to do?

    • Provide your phone number next time you're in store to sign up. I would recommend one per family so you can earn stars faster, but you can choose to have separate ones for Adults vs Kids. May help motivate those young ones to read more :)

  4. What do I do with these loyalty stars I earn?

    • You earn free items! See image at top of page for current set of rewards by stars. That list, as they say, is subject to change at any time - but for the better, always! We will add more rewards and more ways to earn stars, in the future.​

  5. How do I find out how many points I have?

    • When you enroll in our Loyalty program, you’ll receive a welcome SMS message including a link to your Loyalty status in the Activity tab of Cash App. From this tab, you can click on "The Thinking Spot" to view your progress towards a reward, earned rewards, linked payments cards, and an overview of your rewards activity.

    • If you no longer have the welcome SMS with the link to your status page, call or stop by and we will resend the link.

    • Please note: You will need to have a mobile phone number to enroll in our Loyalty program and view your Loyalty status.

  6. I get it, love it, where and when can I sign up?

    • .Next time you're in-store, ask for our loyalty program and we will sign you up! See you soon!

*rewards stars do not accumulate for certain 3rd party items, workshops, events registrations and space rental.

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