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Introducing the “GIVING SPOT”


The Thinking Spot's mission has always been supporting and promoting Science and Literacy, but now we are taking it a step further by partnering with various organizations that support the same cause.

How it works

Every quarter or so, we plan to partner with a local organization that promotes Science and/or Literacy and is in need of some help from the community. 

Here's how it works:

  1. We will partner with an organization that is in need of books.

  2. A representative from the organization will pick out the books they need.

  3. The Thinking Spot will purchase those books and have them pulled out at our “Giving Spot”.

  4. Next time you are in the store*, you can purchase a book from the Giving Spot.

  5. You receive a 20% discount on your Giving Spot purchase.

  6. The Thinking Spot will donate the book to the partner organization.

The Thinking Spot supports Science and Literacy and now, you can, too!


Together we can reduce book deserts in our community! Will you help?

*This is currently an in-store initiative only. We will make it available online at some point in the future.

September 2023 Partner
Forest Elementary Special Education Department. Their special education teacher has picked out a few picture books that would benefit the kids in their classroom. 

If you know of a worthy organization/group that would benefit from book donations, please reach out.

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