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Packed with wild art and mind-blowing space facts, this book proves how awesome the universe is--and that space is for everyone. From astrophysics to rocket science to the future of space exploration, Space Is Cool as F*ck explains everything you thought you'd never understand about the universe in plain-old filthy English. We're talking Big Bang, aliens, black holes, time travel, degenerate astronomers, and all the fundamental things you take for granted until you stop and think (like matter--what is this sh*t, really?). Alongside the knowledge bombs are 100 wild illustrations, photographs, and original artwork from 40 young international artists curated by Brooklyn designer Cynthia Larenas. Space Is Cool as F*ck also offers an in-depth and illuminating interview with everyone's favorite TV scientist and head of the Planetary Society, Bill Nye the Science Guy. Space is awesome, space is absolutely bananas, and space is for everyone.

Space Is Cool as F*ck

SKU: 9781524862978
  • Author

    Howells, Kate
  • Publication Date

    2021-02-16 00:00:00
  • Publisher

    Simon and Schuster
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