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With full captions explaining how each species act in a group, communicate, hunt and feed, and rear its young, Monkeys is a brilliant examination in 150 outstanding color photographs of these remarkable primates. As our closest relatives in the animal world, monkeys have always fascinated and amused humans in equal measure. Monkeys is an outstanding collection of photographs showing these complex, intelligent animals in their natural habitat. Arranged in chapters covering anatomy, family, behavior, feeding, and young, Monkeys features a wide variety of monkeys and apes, including baboons, gorillas, Orang Utans, macaques, howler monkeys, spider monkeys, marmosets, gibbons, mandrills, and chimpanzees. The smallest monkey is the pygmy marmoset, which can be just 4.6 inches in length with a 6.8-inch tail and weighing just over 3.5 oz., while the massive Grauer's gorilla can weigh over 400 lbs.


SKU: 9781838861001
  • Author

    Jackson, Tom
  • Publication Date

    2021-11-16 00:00:00
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