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Where did we come from, where are we going?

... is what the riveting book by professor Yuval Noah Harari is all about. In his book Homo Sapiens, Mr. Harari describes the origin of Humans , the subsequent survival and dominance of Sapiens species, while offering hints of how Sapiens might end. It is the future of our species - Homo Sapiens that drew me to our history. I visit this book often to increase my understanding of where we came from, and where our future generations might go. Mr. Harari makes history so rich and alive, unlike the usual history textbooks with just state a version of "events" with no relevance to the present. I wish all history books were written as lucidly, with such context, and narrative style; and that books that predict the future, start not from the present, but from the past - way, way past like Harari does.

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