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Where does violence come from? How can people do such things? These are often the first questions that arise when we witness violence in the in the media or in real life. This book provides comprehensive answers by combining the explanatory approaches from criminology, sociology, psychology, psychiatry, brain research, genetics, pedagogy, historical sciences, and justice into a big, exciting, and comprehensible picture - in an entertaining way with current, state-of-the art science(s). Multiple case studies are presented that show us the frightening diversity of human violence: acts of violence by individual perpetrators; violence between groups; riots and tumults by gangs and hooligans; violent ethnic and religious conflicts; extreme violence in the form of amok and terror; and up to armed conflicts, pogroms, and genocide. Last but not least, the knowledge gained from this book can help answer another big question: how can violence be contained or even prevented? From the contents:  How and where does violence originate in our brain? Why has a tendency towards violence become established as part of our behavioural repertoire in the development of humankind? What influences on personality development can lead to violent characters? How often is violence the product of a pathological psyche? Do genes play a role? Which social constellations contribute? What are the causes of rampage and terror? What is known about the relationship between religion and violence?

Where Does Violence Come From?

SKU: 9783030817916
  • Author

    Bogerts, Bernhard
  • Publication Date

    2021-11-11 00:00:00
  • Publisher

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