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A personal mood-boosting toolkit and a reminder for teens that they are never alone in their struggles.              According to the American Psychological Association, due to the rapid ownership growth of smartphones and rise of social media, mental health problems have increased significantly over the last decade among adolescents and young adults. Similar teen journals on the market tend to only address single issues or topics, such as worry, anxiety, and mindfulness, whereas Vibe Check covers a variety of issues that teens might encounter. While not a substitute for therapy, this journal is a great place to start and to keep notes that can help teens put messy thoughts into words. Journaling is often a practice recommended by therapists for this reason. Vibe Check helps teens embrace who they are and gain the tools to effectively manage different emotions, stressful situations, poor sleep, and other common mental health concerns within their age group. Packed with prompts, exercises, and simple graphics, this journal provides a creative space for teens to work through life's everyday challenges.  

Vibe Check

SKU: 9781454943501
  • Author

    Tartakovsky, Margarita
  • Publication Date

    2021-11-16 00:00:00
  • Publisher

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