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Conveys all the key information about a psychology concept, fact or school of thought on a single page, enabling the reader to become an expert in their lunch break or on their commute.

Instant Psychology pulls together all the pivotal psychological knowledge and thought into one concise volume. Each page contains a discrete "cheat sheet", which tells you the most important facts in bite-sized chunks, meaning you can become an expert in an instant.


From Freud and Jung to the Rorschach test, the Stanford prison experiment, cognitive bias and the availability heuristic, every key figure, discovery or idea is explained with succinct and lively text and graphics. Perfect for the knowledge hungry and time poor, this collection of graphic-led lessons makes psychology interesting and accessible. Everything you need to know is here.

Instant Psychology

SKU: 9781787394186
  • Author

    Hayes, Nicky ; Tomley, Sarah
  • Publication Date

  • Publisher

    Welbeck Publishing
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