Another year gone by

Newsletter: Aug 26th 2022

Whew! What a crazy couple weeks. Emotional ups and downs, family vacation, start of school, college drop off and finally a return to quiet routine. Bittersweet, one more step closer to an empty nest. A reminder to enjoy it while you can. They grow up in the blink of an eye.

Store Updates

I was informed that The Thinking spot was voted Best of Neighborhood on NextDoor by our neighbors! Yay! Thank you to all those who voted to make this happen. We look forward to continuing to create remarkable experiences for all. However, my social media challenged self can't seem to navigate the Nextdoor maze enough to find the actual listing - lol! So, if any of you can find evidence of said voting, please point me to it!

MOA Steam experience raffle: We shared the table with Code Savvy for one day at the MOA steam experience event, to raffle off two books - Starry messenger by Neil Degrasse Tyson and a Nature activity book. The winners have been picked and notified. Thank you to all those who visited the Code Savvy table.

Book club meetup - Final meeting for “Building a Second Brain” is this Sunday Aug 28th, 2p. Next book is “An Immense World” by Ed Yong.

Battle of the Books August - Aug 31st - Our final battle is on Wednesday the 31st at 5p. Several of you have asked if I will continue this during the school year. I thought about that, however, I think it'll be more fun - and less homework like - for the kids to instead have a monthly book club to meet other kids who love reading+science and share what books they've read and liked. Planning an initial meetup for that Sunday Sept 11th. Watch for an invite coming soon.

Teachers Appreciation evening - Sep 1 6p - Excited to be celebrating all the teachers in our community. Please share with all the Teachers in your life. I've received wonderful donations for the raffle from some of our partners - Specialty coffee by Coffee Studio Minneapolis, STEM kit by Code Savvy and tickets to the Bakken. If any of you are so inclined or know of any businesses that would be willing to donate for the raffle, please stop in or call/email and let me know. Let's give our teachers a fun boost as they take on our kids once again.

Bingo - Reminder to turn in those Bingo cards you picked up at the beginning of summer. You can only mark the cards till the 31st of August, but you have until Sept 15th to turn them in. One winner from all partial entries will receive a free book - one for kids and one for Adults. All complete blackouts will receive a free book as well. I hope the card helped you explore more topics in your summer reading than you normally would have.

Science News of the Week

  1. In bittersweet category, Dino footprints were uncovered in Texas this week as a result of a dried out river bed caused by severe drought. It's still kinda cool to see something millions of years old preserved so well.

  2. Artemis launch - In happier news, NASA is doing its test launch back to the moon this Monday the 29th. Watch it live. This is a first step to sending humans back to the moon, for the first time since the original Apollo missions!

On the way home earlier this week, I started listening to “What we Owe The Future - An Oxford philosopher making the case for “longtermism” — that positively influencing the long-term future is a key moral priority of our time.” His premise is that, we are at a unique moment in history where the future is still malleable. People in the past didn't have the resources and people in the future may not have an option, if we, currently, don't choose wisely. And that it is vital that we and the next few generations pivot to thinking about future humans, not just the ones we are raising right now but ones to come thousands and millions of years from now, if they are to even exist.

I kept wanting to broadcast it over the speakers at the airport, sit everyone down and say listen to this, read this, this is vital, this is critical that we change our thinking. Maybe not that earthshattering in hindsight, :), but in the moment I got carried away partly because it just so resonated with and reminded me of all the reasons I started on this journey of The Thinking Spot - to encourage long term thinking, to provide access to these kinds of thoughts that allow all of us to take a pause from day to day life to think about a better future. Consider yourself shaken :)

Surprisingly, I missed ordering this book when it came out last week. That will soon be corrected.

For reading recs this week, there were so many fascinating #smartreads out, I had trouble choosing. Below my top 5 for the week.

New Releases this week

Algebra the Beautiful

By G. Arnell Williams

A Mathematician reveals the hidden beauty, power and - yes, fun - of Algeb