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The Thinking Spot Promoter Program

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is the Promoter Program?

    • The promoter program aims to reward our ardent supporters and promoters.  We think that when you promote The Thinking Spot to others - friends, family, neighbors, strangers - you should benefit. When a person you refer mentions your name at their first purchase, you get 10 promoter points. And, they get 10% off one item* on that first purchase. Win-Win!​

  2. Who can participate?

    • If you are a current customer of The Thinking Spot, you can participate. ​

  3. What do I have to do?

    • Tell your friends, family, neighbors, colleagues to visit The Thinking Spot. When they visit, tell them to mention that you referred them. That's it. No handout, no coupons, no codes necessary.​

  4. What does the person I'm referring have to do?

    • All they have to do is mention your name at their first purchase. Usually first name is enough but if its a popular name, last name may be necessary to make sure the right person gets the points.​

  5. What do I do with these promoter points I earn?

    • Glad you asked! You get rewards for your points. Rewards may be discounts on purchases, free books, special shopping days, special events and anything else I can come up with!

    • Rewards will change over time, but your points will stay with you and do NOT expire.

    • More you refer more rewards you earn!

    • Current reward, valid till August 31st 2022, is 10 pts = 20% off one item.

      • ​i.e. 1 referral = 20% off one item.*

  6. How do I find out how many points I have?

    • To start with, you will get a weekly email with the number of points you have.​

    • Eventually, you will be able to look up your points on the site.

  7. I get it, love it, where and when can I sign up?

    • Nothing to sign up! If you have shopped at The Thinking Spot and have your email in our system, you are all set. Start promoting!​

    • If you have shopped with us but aren't sure if you have your email on file, call us to get it added - 952-217-5682.

​(*cannot be combined with any other offers, not valid on giftcards and memberships)

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