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Journey from the edge of time -- The search for the key to the universe -- Why is it dark at night? -- The big bang -- Where is the centre of the universe? -- Why the cosmos is actually fairly simple -- What is the speed of space? -- What is the shape of space? -- Explaining the cosmic big fix -- Most of our universe is missing -- What is dark energy? -- Where does matter come from? -- Gravity conquers all -- Warped time and black holes -- Is time travel possible? -- What is the source of time's puzzling arrow? -- The black hole paradox -- A theory of everything? -- Fossils from the cosmic dawn -- Can the universe come from nothing? -- How many universes are there? -- The Goldilocks enigma -- What's eating the universe? -- Is the universe actually a botched job? -- Are we alone? -- ET in our backyard -- Why am I living now? -- The fate of the universe -- Is there a meaning to it all? -- What's new on the cosmic horizon?

What's Eating the Universe?

SKU: 9780226816296
  • Author

    Davies, Paul
  • Publication Date

    2021-09-22 00:00:00
  • Publisher

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