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A special offer at the pet store results in an unforeseen rabbit situation for two siblings in this lighthearted cautionary tale with a fun counting twist.


After a month of pleading, Dad finally takes Owen and Zoey to the pet store to adopt a rabbit. Once there, a two-for-one special offer just cannot be ignored; so they take home two rabbits - one male, and one female. Two rabbits make more rabbits, who then make even more rabbits, and soon there are just too many of the sweet little creatures. So begins a hilarious counting adventure as Owen and Zoey find homes for all of the rabbits. Full of little 'easter eggs' hidden in the art, Too Many Rabbits is a mirthful reminder to be careful of what you wish for and a hilarious lesson in chaos control for young readers. 


Contributor Bio(s)
Davide Calì is a Swiss-born Italian writer of children's books and graphic novels. He has published over one hundred books and received numerous awards. He lives in Genoa, Italy. 
Emanuele Benetti is an educator with a passion for drawing and illustration, for which he has won multiple awards. He lives and works in Trentino, Italy.
Translator, Angus Yuen-Killick is the founder and publisher of Red Comet Press. Originally from the UK, he lived in Rome, Italy during the 1980s where he taught English. He now lives and works in brownstone Brooklyn, New York. 
Key Selling Points
  • Humorous cautionary tale that takes an idea to the extreme
  • Who can resist actually counting the rabbits hundreds of rabbits in this book?
  • Hidden message about responsibility of pet adoption
  • Distinctive two-color art by Emanuele Benetti
  • Full of hidden humor in the illustrations
  • Follows in the tradition of classics like Wanda Gag's Millions of Cats & So Many Bunnies by Rick Walton
  • Great foil to all those Easter bunny books!
  • A lesson in chaos control for young readers
"The chief fun of this Italian import will be counting the orange bunnies in Benetti’s duotone illustrations—they’re all there, each individually drawn and engaged, singly or in bunches, in bunny business. . . A delightful domestic debacle with pictures to pore over and many bunnies to count."–Kirkus Reviews 

"A cautionary counting comedy . . . [with] deadpan narration by Davide Calì describes bunny life . . . which Benetti illustrates with tight, hard-edged grayscale drawings dotted liberally with  small orange rabbits. . . . in this hairbrained title." –Publishers Weekly

Too Many Rabbits

SKU: 9781636550541
  • Author

    Cali, Davide
  • Publication Date

  • Publisher

    Red Comet Press
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