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The Twilights Last Gleaming is a story about the destructive effects that hate and lies can have on a society. A vicious and cruel despot known only as The Leader has taken control of a faraway planet by playing off the hatred that has consumed the planet for centuries. The Leader has known nothing but hate, lies and violence since he was a child and uses that experience to dominate the planet. But The Leader does not control everyone. A brave group of scientists led by Herbert Sandstone Sr. plots to escape the Home Planet in a huge spacecraft designed to undertake multi-year missions. Aided by his son, Sandy, and others, Herbert Sandstone Sr. engineers a harrowing escape from the Home Planet on a spaceship called Freedom One and embarks on a journey to find a planet where they can establish a new, hate-free society. But the space pioneers couldn't completely escape the hate that consumed the Home Planet and it's up to Sandy Sandstone and his son Robert to try and weed out the hate before it completely consumes Freedom One. Part science fiction and part political thriller, The Twilights Last Gleaming is a dystopian study of what might happen here if hatred and lies are left unchecked.

The Twilights Last Gleaming

SKU: 9781098391621
  • Author

    Vitale, Salvatore J
  • Publication Date

    2021-11-03 00:00:00
  • Publisher

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