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AWARD-WINNING AND BEST-SELLING AUTHORS CONTRIBUTE NEW STORIES: All-new fiction from Dragon Award winner and New York Times best-selling author David Weber, Dragon Award nominee D.J. Butler, best seller Jody Lynn Nye, indie best sellers Chris Kennedy and Mark Wandrey, and more. Also featuring an introduction by multi-award-winning and New York Times best-selling author Larry Correia. It is 2185 CE. Humans now live throughout the Solar System, but their most ambitious adventure is about to begin. The starship Victoria will carry over 10,000 colonists to a new world outside the Solar System. The larger-than-life exploits of those colonists will become legendary. The colonists will build a new civilization, and the actions of a few individuals will become famous--and infamous--forever marking their new colony with the Founder Effect. These are their true stories. Contributors: Larry Correia Mark H. Wandrey Les Johnson Christopher L. Smith David Weber Daniel M. Hoyt Brad R. Torgersen Monalisa Foster Sarah A. Hoyt Chris Kennedy Vivienne Raper Jody Lynn Nye Brent M. Roeder Catherine L. Smith Philip Wohlrab D.J. Butler About Stellaris: People of the Stars, co-edited by Robert E. Hampson: "[A] thought-provoking look at a selection of real-world challenges and speculative fiction solutions. . . . Readers will enjoy this collection that is as educational as it is entertaining."--Booklist "This was an enjoyable collection of science fiction dealing with colonizing the stars. In the collection were several gems and the overall quality was high."--Tangent

The Founder Effect

SKU: 9781982125813
  • Author

    Hampson, Robert E.
  • Publication Date

    2021-11-30 00:00:00
  • Publisher

    Simon and Schuster
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