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A nonfiction picture book about the fabulous adaptations that keep amphibians alive and thriving in their unique habitats! How do sunscreen and mucus help amphibians survive? In Sunscreen, Snot Homes, and Other Amazing Amphibian Adaptations, kids ages 5 to 8 discover how one frog uses sunscreen to protect itself through the dry season and how another uses its own mucus to create a cocoon. Amphibians spend part of their time on land and part in the water, so they've evolved fascinating methods of surviving these different environments. A cinquain poem at the beginning of the book offers a language-based entry into science details. Detailed illustrations, funny narrative, layered text, and backmatter all point science-minded, curious kids toward the fascinating world of animal adaptation! Sunscreen, Snot Homes, and Other Amazing Amphibian Adaptations is part of a set of five books in the Picture Book Science series that explore strange-but-true tales of adaptation. Other titles in this series include Stink Fights, Earwax, and Other Marvelous Mammal Adaptations; Antifreeze, Leaf Costumes, and Other Fabulous Fish Adaptations; Water-Walking, Sidewinding, and Other Remarkable Reptile Adaptations; and Spit Nests, Puke Power, and Other Brilliant Bird Adaptations. Provides layered text and back matter that encourages more in-depth discovery Promotes a sense of awe and wonder about the natural world Uses humor to engage children's attention Promotes cross-curriculum learning through poetry Includes a hands-on, science-minded project to help support and reinforce deeper learning Meets Next Generation Science Standards in ecosystems, biological evolution, and heredity for grades K through 2. About the Picture Book Science series and Nomad Press Nomad Press books in the Picture Book Science series present real-world examples of science topics kids find fascinating! These nonfiction picture books consist of engaging narratives paired with detailed, accurate illustrations and layered text that offers ample opportunity for discussion and reflection. Elementary-aged children are equipped to recognize basic science concepts and identify the different ways they are demonstrated in real life, while being impressed with the idea that science is a constant part of our lives and not limited to classrooms and laboratories. All books are leveled for Guided Reading level and Lexile and align with Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards. All titles are available in paperback, hardcover, and ebook formats.

Sunscreen, Frogsicles, and Other Amazing Amphibian

SKU: 9781619309647
  • Author

    Perdew, Laura
  • Publication Date

    2020-08-13 00:00:00
  • Publisher

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